1. The dementia resulting from a sustained and/or ingrained sense of entitlement.

Entitlementia is the dementia resulting from a sustained sense of entitlement. When citizens are overly conditioned to receive rather than achieve this harmful dementia sets in. Resolve and purpose are replaced with lethargy, anger and clouded thinking.

Entitlementia is not good for individuals. It is not good for nations.

Entitlementia.com is your place to discuss these compelling issues. Our community wants to hear and learn from the issues you face and the strategies you employ.

While of great consequence to individuals and society, the boundaries of Entitlementia are also filled with humor and human foible. Please share your experiences in our humor section.

The term Entitlementia was coined by Garrett Sutton in his book Toxic Client: Knowing and Avoiding the Problem Customers. The narcissists, bullies and manipulators are all toxic types to avoid. Those with Entitlementia are even more problematic. They are both very demanding and completely unaware of their problem.

The first step is to identify the issue. Please help us do so.

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